Movies on Politics in 2020

With lots of ups and downs, the year 2020 has given us a lot on plate to tackle and enjoy at same time. It fighting with the pandemic disease or trying to kill your time in lockdown; everybody tried way hard to pass 2020. Having worked from home for office-going people or it kids staying at home, everyone need some binge-worthy movies to enjoy in their leisure time.

The best OTT platforms have made their way to everyone’s life, and AHA is one such platform that help enjoy incredible movies in lockdown period. The hundreds of movies to choose as suspense and political story lover, you some brilliant films to stick. You can enjoy Telugu movies online watch the aha platform.

Best Political Movies to watch in 2020

You can quickly scroll down the Telugu movies list with aa political storyline on aha ott platform. Johaar, Leader, Nene Raju, operation Duryodhan are some favorite picks among the users. But if you beginner, would recommend for Johaar. Here is little brief of brilliant watch before you start the entire movie.

johaar telugu movie

Johaar MovieRundown


Esther Anil as Jyothi

AnkithKoyya as Siddhu

NainaGanguly as Bala

Eshwari Rao as Ganga

Chaitanya Krishna as Vijay Varma

SubhalekhaSudhakar as Bose


Chalapathi Rao

Directed by: MarniTejaChowdary

Produced by: Ram Vamsi Krishna

Written by: MarniTejaChowdary

Cinematographer: JagdeeshCheekati

Music by: Priyadarshan, Balasubramaniam

Production House: Dharma Surya Pictures


The movie is based on selfish politician to install enormous statue in world in his father’s memory from money the public budget. The film is based on political economy affects the life of common person.

The plot revolves around five stories of common person, first the politician, second Bala who wants to become a national level athlete, second widow who somehow manages to her ends meet and get her daughter treated who is kidney patient, fourth daughter of pimp who falls in love with tea vendor, fifth man who wants to secure the future of children of his orphanage.

This political plot movie show game of politics can change the entire scenario with it twists and turns without getting noticed by common man.


You can easily catch up on movies online watch them your free time. With hundreds of movies getting released, it becomes tough to choose most entertaining one. But aha OTT platform gives you unlimited access to all the movies releasing in the upcoming days or those already released and doing an excellent job. You need not speed extra bucks to watch multiple movies at same time.

All you need is subscribe to aha OTT platform and enjoy the binge-worthy movies.

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